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We provide Pre- Purchase & Pre-Rental Building Inspections and Pest Control services. Buying a property is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. A pre-inspection in gives you all of the facts about the home before you buy

Pest Control &

Pests that destroy your home and life! Termites, Spiders, Ants, Cockroaches, Rats, Mice and Bed Bugs can be found in any home and when they infest your property, they can destroy your life! Protecting your family and home from the destruction and disease these dirty creatures cause should be a priority.

Combined Building & Pest Inspections

When it comes to making sure that the home you have..or the home you're about to safe, sound and secure, you can't go past a Combined Inspection! Combining these critical inspections ensures you can make a truly informed decisions about the home you live in..or are about to purchase.

Building Inspection Adelaide

Don't be worried, be sure our Building inspections Adelaide are the most comprehensive reports available. Our expert pre-purchase and pre-rental building and pest inspections are your Guarantee.
We supply expert Building Inspections in Adelaide and surrounding areas. If you are in the market to buy or rent a home in Adelaide we will provide expert and efficient service. Our report will come to you in easy to read PDF form and covers any structural damage found, conditions conducive to structural damage and major defects along with all site details, including fences and all structures, interior and exterior of the home itself, roof void and underfloor, house interior room by room, verandahs, carport, decks, steps, stairs and general plumbing. 


By Development Team 03 Dec, 2015
Termites in AdelaideBuilding owners in the Adelaide CBD may wonder if their property is at risk of termite attack. The simple answer is yes. The photos below show termite damage found in the roof void of a 2 storey building in Waymouth Street Adelaide. Call now for an inspection 0417970164.    
By Development Team 28 Jul, 2015
Termites can be a matter of serious concern for home buyers who should insist of   pest inspection   over and above the pre-purchase building inspection that has become an essential part of the process of home buying. As a buyer, make sure that the purchase contract that you have with the seller includes the clause of all kinds of inspections that should be carried out to ascertain the physical condition of the property as well as the status of pests that can pose serious living problems once you move in. With all the good intentions of home buying, you should insist for an exit clause in the contract in the event any of the inspection reports turn out to be unsatisfactory.
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